Pay rise is Ideal, say staff

Pay rise is Ideal, say staff

CARE staff at two residential homes in Dewsbury and Batley have been given a pay rise.

Ideal Carehomes has announced that it will be paying all their staff above the Living Wage and the lowest-paid in the organisation will now be paid £7.50 per hour.

The care home firm, part of the LNT Group founded by Batley-born entrepreneur Lawrence Tomlinson, operates Ashworth Grange in Dewsbury and Lydgate Lodge in Soothill, Batley, employing around 60 people at each location.

The move represents a 15 per cent increase on Ideal’s current lowest wage and the company believes it will help them to recruit more people who have considered a career in care, or have past experience in the care industry.

The national minimum wage reached £6.70 per hour this month but the Ideal wage will now be 30p per hour above the Living Wage.

The firm also offer additional benefits to staff such as shopping discounts and childcare vouchers.

Ashworth Grange manager Paula Whiteley said: “My staff were utterly thrilled when I informed them of the above Living wage rise.

“Ideal are great at maintaining the family feel in the business, despite its size – I’ve worked with Ashworth since it opened and the ethos around employee relations has not faltered.

“For the staff, the increased wage shows how much their hard work and efforts are recognised by the company at every level.

Newly-appointed chief executive Matt Lowe said: “Offering an above Living Wage, never mind minimum wage, rise is a no-brainer for us and puts us ahead of the curve in the sector.”

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