Firm honoured for support of armed forces

A DEWSBURY firm has been honoured for its support of workers who also serve in the armed forces.

Rixonway Kitchens was presented with a certificate cosigned by Defence Secretary Philip Hammond.

Chief of the defence staff Sir David Richards also signed it, while the award was presented by Richard Lenton of campaign group SaBRE. 

It is for the firm’s role helping staff serving in the Royal Naval Reserve, Territorial Army and the Royal Auxiliary Air Force.

Rixonway employees serving in the military get time off for training, which bosses think pays off longterm.

Chief executive Paul Rose said: “We and our staff benefit enormously from the transferable skills they learn.

“They especially learn decisionmaking, leadership and team work. It means better personal development and a better business for all.”

The Shaw Cross firm, which has about 500 workers, makes kitchens for the social and affordable housing sectors. 

IT worker Martin Bailey, a lance corporal in the 4th Battalion, Yorkshire Regiment, is a reservist benefiting from Rixonway’s attitude.

He is being helped towards a promotion to corporal with support for technical qualifications that will also help with his job.

SaBRE (Supporting Britain’s Reservists and Employers) boss Mr Lenton said: “We want to encourage more firms to help their workers.

“Reservists can be mobilised for things like force protection, emergency relief, contingency planning and reconstruction efforts.

“This can lead to the development of skills that transfer across to work place, meaning employers can also benefit.”

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