Family gets surprise after estate agents discovery

A FAMILY mystery has been solved after a chance find by a Dewsbury estate agent.

Whitegates negotiator Oliver Whitehouse was showing a prospective buyer around a bungalow in Staincliffe when he tripped over some loose lino in one of the bedrooms.

They got a shock when they discovered what the lump in the lino was ... a wallet full of cash.

After the client had left the property Oliver returned to the room and discovered the wallet was not the only item under the lino. Beneath it was also a money belt containing a large undisclosed sum.

Oliver contacted his office on Daisy Hill and the money was kept safe while staff got in touch with Andrea Jarvis, whose grandmother had lived in the bungalow until she sadly passed away on Christmas Eve. †

Whitegates Dewsbury owner Paul Bottomley said: “We are delighted that we have been able to help solve a mystery for the family. At one point the family thought the grandmother may have been giving money away and had the locks changed in her house. It must give them peace of mind to know that she had not been the victim of crime or had been taken advantage of.

“And if it was not for Oliver’s discovery, the house could have been sold and the money stayed where it was hidden until maybe a carpet was laid by a new owner.”

Andrea Jarvis said: “We are very grateful to Whitegates for their integrity and professionalism in this. Oliver is to be commended for the whole way the matter has been handled.

“It was a lovely surprise to find out what had happened to the money and amazing that Oliver found it. We have now given the house a thorough search to ensure there is no more money in the property.

“My grandmother had Alzheimer’s and I guess she had forgotten where she put the money.”

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