Cave could prove salt of the earth

BUSINESSMAN Steve Stubley can breathe a little easier after celebrating 12 months in business.
Steve set up Yorkshire Salt Cave in Leeds Road, Dewsbury, a year ago and the business is going from strength to strength.
The Salt Cave, only the second in the UK, has helped many clients with a variety of health problems, including asthma, over the last 12 months.
To celebrate his first anniversary new customers are being offered a 10 per cent discount until the end of August.
“We’ve had a great year and seen some very good results,” said Steve. “People are delighted with how the treatments have worked.
“One of our clients was a young boy who suffered such bad asthma attacks that he was in hospital for days afterwards.
“But a treatment here after an attack really helps his recovery. He is able to go back home the following day.
“We’ve seen similar results in treating chronic headaches, sinusitis, hayfever, ear, nose and throat complaints and even snoring.
“It’s a 100 per cent natural and drug free treatment. That’s why people come here, they often don’t like the idea of having to take pills.”
The walls, floor and ceiling of Steve’s premises near Dewsbury town centre are lined with three tonnes of rock salt from Poland.
Calming music, soothing lighting and comfortable chairs are available to help people relax in the cave’s own microclimate.
Salt particles are ground up by a stateoftheart machine to create a gentle spray which is then circulated around the room.
These particles, including minerals like potassium and magnesium, penetrate deep into the respiratory system to help restore health.
Salt therapy has been a popular remedy for more than 200 years and is even licensed by the Russian government for medical use.
Steve added: “Salt therapy consists of relaxing in our artificial environment and inhaling the dry salt aerosol microclimate.
“Dry salt particles are transported to all parts of the lungs and respiratory tract, where they destroy bacteria and infection.
“The tiny particles can reach very deeply into the remotest parts of the lung where medication from inhalers would never go.
“Drugs prescribed by a doctor tend to only mask a person’s symptoms. This treatment can deal with the actual causes.”
A course of 10 40minute sessions can relieve symptoms for up to a year. For more details contact Steve on 01924 460824.

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