Brabin’s campaign visit really takes the biscuit

Brabin’s campaign visit really takes the biscuit

TRACY BRABIN proved she was a tough cookie on the campaign trail last week with a visit to Fox’s Biscuits Factory in Batley.

The Labour candidate for Batley & Spen was joined by Shadow Secretary for Business, Rebecca Long-Bailey.

Ms Brabin met with staff and managers for a tour of the factory to promote Labour’s business agenda.

Ms Brabin said: “We’re here to celebrate business and to say that we’re really grateful they’re here.

“It’s vital to keep companies like this going. Fox’s is iconic. 

“We want to say that the Labour Party is open for business and looking to the future post-Brexit, about looking at great deals that we can get internationally as well as within the EU and locally.”

Ms Long-Bailey added: “The Labour government hoping to take power want to support businesses such as Fox’s and make sure that they can expand and be given the tools and support so they are able to do that.

“It’s an absolutely fantastic factory and it’s clear that it’s the linchpin of the local community.

“It’s one of the industries we celebrate and we’re proud of.”

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