Ascensor pushes right buttons

WEB FIRM Ascensor is helping the district's businesses to compete locally and nationally during tough economic times.
Birstallbased Ascensor, set up in November 2008 by Andrew Firth and Stuart Holdsworth, use ‘search engine optimisation’ techniques to boost clients' websites up the rankings of internet search sites like Google, bringing them a higher profile and increasing their online revenues.
The firm, which also provides customers with bespoke web pages and marketing solutions, outgrew its premises at Batley Business Park and moved to Oakwell Industrial Park, just off the A62 in Birstall, earlier this year.
The Ascensor team have had plenty of local success stories recently, including a specialist basement conversion firm in the district which has been catapulted to the top of Google's UK rankings.
"We market client websites for specific search terms," said director Andrew Firth.
"If you type 'basement conversion Leeds' into Google then this firm is the first name you'll see. They are also ON the first page for ‘basement conversion’, ‘cellar conversion’ and other terms that are advancing daily.
"We've got a track record a mile long of getting great results for local businesses.
"Obviously most firms already have some kind of web presence now, what they often don’t have is a search engine position that generates enquiries, that's where we add significant value."
Ascensor have achieved top10 Google results for a wide variety of local firms including wedding photographers, printers, building inspectors, sports nutrition suppliers and energy efficiency experts.
"Being at the top of Google is worth a lot of money," said Andrew.
"Some of our clients are now generating more than £30,000 a month through their websites after working with us. 
"My passion is about helping people to make money through the internet.
"We've never failed to achieve top results for clients – as well as generating new links for them on other sites we'll look at the websites of their competitors, analyse and mimic what they're doing well and use that to give them a boost up the search engine rankings. It usually takes about three months of hard work from us before our customers will see the benefit – but it's always worth it.
"You won't make money if people can't find you on the net. We accelerate what is a natural process and try to generate links for our clients and push them up the rankings.
"It doesn't matter what sector they're in, the technical process is the same. The difference in difficulty for us is just how competitive their own market is."
New customers are welcome to contact Ascensor free of charge to find out what the firm can do for them.
"We'll have a look at their existing website and straight away tell them if it's optimised and working hard for them – in lots of cases it's not," said Andrew.
We help our customers to benefit from advanced search engine positions, and we have been able to help many acquire funding, despite current economic conditions."
For more information call Ascensor on 0871 210 9320 or visit

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