Ascensor helps firms through the recession

A WEB design and marketing company in Batley aims to help firms through the recession with a boost from ecommerce.

Ascensor Ltd, based on Batley Business Park in Technology Drive, believes companies looking for new income streams should focus on the internet.

Set up by business partners Andrew Firth and Stuart Holdsworth building on their own experience with a webbased retail operation Ascensor is on the rise.

As many companies contract in the face of the downturn, Ascensor is looking to the New Year with confidence and has taken on new staff ready to grow further in 2009.

Andrew and Stuart successfully built a web business from scratch, pushing their company to the top of internet search engines and bringing in new orders as a result.

The duo developed their own specialist software which can be adapted and tailored to the individual needs of other businesses.

Andrew said the internet was still a big growth area and added: "Internet shopping continues to grow even though high street shopping is in decline.

"Instead of curling up into a ball, companies should be investing in the internet and a bespoke website and start increasing their turnover and improving their bottom line.

"We don't use offtheshelf software. Everything is handcoded and bespoke.

"We combine our expertise with a customer's knowledge of their own business."

Andrew, 34, of Hanging Heaton, and Stuart, 30, of Honley, near Huddersfield, joined forces to launch a spare time internet business which grew rapidly from nothing.

That company continues to go from strength to strength but Andrew soon realised the technology and skills they had developed could be applied to other businesses.

"It doesn't matter what size your company is you can still compete on the internet," said Andrew.

"We represented a small lingerie company and we got them higher on a Google search than Debenhams or La Senza.

"We also work with a wedding photographer and moved him from 178th place to 32nd in just nine weeks.

"I believe every business can make money from the internet."

For details ring Ascensor on 0871 210 9320 or visit

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