Ascensor helping move businesses up the internet rankings

HIGHLYSUCCESSFUL web design firm Ascensor are working with companies across the district to maximise their online business potential.
Birstallbased Ascensor, set up just two years ago, specialise in building ecommerce websites and use ‘search engine optimisation’ techniques to boost their clients' websites up the rankings of internet search sites like Google, giving them a higher profile and increasing their online revenues.
Founded by Andrew Firth and Stuart Holdsworth, the firm also provides customers with bespoke web pages and marketing solutions.
Pendle Packaging, based on Bradford Road in Birstall, recently asked Ascensor to design their new corporate website – and director Stephen Booth was delighted with the results.
"The site went live this week and it's exceeded all our expectations," said Mr Booth, whose packaging firms have been based locally for 15 years.
"We put a lot of trust in them and they really delivered. Nowadays people take a measure of a company by its website, and after the job that Ascensor have done we're keen to work with them on a new retail site that we're hope to launch next year."
Kevin Suddards, owner of Mirfieldbased KMS Envelopes, has worked with Ascensor for several months after the firm revamped his website
Based on Sunny Bank Road, KMS Envelopes is an internet business that specialises in bespoke envelopes, with more than 450 products available online.
"We're getting really great results after working with Ascensor," he said. "I designed my first site and basically got nowhere, but they've pushed me right up the search engine rankings and completely redesigned the site. "Customers say it's so easy to navigate and the Ascensor team have just been really helpful. They even recommended different couriers to work with and helped me link up with other firms."
Located at Oakwell Industrial Park, just off the A62 in Birstall, Ascensor have also achieved top10 Google results for other local businesses, including wedding photographers, printers, building inspectors, sports nutrition suppliers and energy efficiency experts.
Earlier this month Ascensor picked up a local award for their contribution to the community, helping young and longterm unemployed people gain work experience.
The firm are keen to expand further in 2011 and are also looking to branch out into more physical forms of advertising and marketing.
Ascensor's marketing head Natalie Sykes said: "We can now offer clients a presence on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube.
"By engaging with potential customers and their business peers on social networks firms can reach a new audience – it all works on recommendations and referrals from people online who like what you're doing or saying.
"We're also going to be offering a design and print service, direct mail and public relations service in the near future."

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