Artwork to help keep Binks’ tenants put down roots

Artwork to help keep Binks’ tenants put down roots

PROPERTY developer Richard Binks hopes to keep tenants in Batley on board for years with stunning new artwork.

The Binks Vertical founder has brought a dash of colour to communal areas outside his Blakeridge Mill Village development.

Installations include a signpost pointing to destinations including Batley Market Place, London, New York City and Hong Kong.

The aim is to keep the 130 people in 80 apartments happy by making the Blakeridge Lane site as nice as possible.

Mr Binks said: “We don’t just want people to rent. We want them to stay. To achieve that we have to be different from other developments.”

The artwork was designed in-house and made using materials found at the former industrial mill complex.

Binks Vertical hope to turn the rest of the partially converted site into 181 apartments boasting a swimming pool, gym and supermarket.

Mr Binks added: “Taylors Mill is 150 years old this year. We hope to breath another 150 years of life into these beautiful mills.

“We’re creating a destination at Blakeridge. It really is becoming the place to be. And I want people to feel uplifted when they enter the central piazza.”

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