The day I reported live to the world from outside Buckingham Palace

The day I reported live to the world from outside Buckingham Palace

When I was asked by an international TV channel to report on the Royals from outside Buckingham Palace, I jumped at the chance. 

How hard can it be? A freezing cold Christmas day with tight security in place was fine, but then they said the dreaded words: “Oh it’s live, too.”

As you can see I think I just about pulled it off, and thanks for all the kind compliments on my stint, but for now I’ll stick to writing for The Press...

Debbie McGee wowed everyone with her incredible routines on Strictly, and now I hear that the former ballerina is keen to land more roles dancing on the stage, and would very much like to join the cast of 42nd Street. As soon as I know more, you will...

Brendan O’Carroll has confirmed that he is turning Mrs Brown’s Boys into a musical. The comedian is penning a brand-new stage show around Mrs Brown which will see the entire cast dancing and singing around for your entertainment. The Irishman will also have a new BBC series coming out this year, along with a second season of All Round To Mrs Brown’s.

Strictly Come Dancing’s Claudia Winkleman says she has no idea if she will be invited back to host the show this year, as: “It’s all done on a year-by-year basis and yes, I love the show, but the final decision is not up to me. You just live in hope they will invite you all back again.” Claudia is the highest-paid female presenter at the BBC...

Former news anchor Selina Scott jumped at the chance to be back on screen to join the next series of BBC One’s The Real Marigold Hotel. She will be filmed touring India with other celebrities including Susan George, Stephanie Beacham, Syd Little and, fresh from the Celebrity jungle, Stanley Johnson. Selina told me: “I love to travel and saw the first series and loved it, so yes I happily accepted it.”

Could variety, of a sort, be coming back to TV? I hear that following the success of his two albums and ITV specials, the BBC now like the idea of Michael Ball fronting a Saturday night special and maybe a full series. Michael is already a huge success on BBC Radio Two, but bosses think they now want to expand him back into TV.

Coronation Street actor Rob Mallard, who plays Daniel Osborne, has revealed that he’s inundated with complaints from viewers who think his hair needs a good wash! He said: “I think because it’s a bit longer and messy people tell me ‘look, why not get it rinsed, it looks a mess on screen’. It does make me laugh as it’s perfectly clean anyway.”

The Morecambe & Wise Show remains the most memorable Christmas TV programme on British TV. It has been 34 years since their final festive special aired, but the comics nevertheless topped a BBC poll which asked viewers what shows they most remember watching at Christmas. Eric and Ernie – whose 1977 Christmas show pulled in 28 million viewers – scored better even than the annual Queen’s Speech.

Much-loved singer Jane McDonald will be back with her Channel 5 show ‘Cruising’ after the success of her series last year and her recent Christmas special. She told me: “I still love going on board and waking up somewhere new, I don’t think that ever really leaves you once you have done it so many times like me.”

Coronation Street fans have said goodbye to Todd Grimshaw in a hasty exit scene, after writers scrambled to write around actor Bruno Langley’s axing from the soap. But all may not be lost for the character, at least. Plans are I hear to re-cast the role with another actor within a few months.

Did you know that This Morning Host Holly Willoughby, now earns a salary of £600,000 at ITV alone, and with her ads and endorsements is looking at a figure of over a million per year? She admitted: “I know one day all this will stop so I have to make sure I have the money now.”

Coronation Street claim they are ready to set up a dramatic exit for Shayne Ward, but I can reveal he has already been approached about this year’s ‘I’m A Celebrity’, which recently featured his co-star Jennie McAlpine. He told a mole: “I think I might just say yes. Why not as Jennie loved it...”

Oh dear – it appears that ITV’s All Star Musicals was not just a one-off at all, and a series is planned. Fans noted that many of the stars, like Freddie Flintoff, billed as ‘singing and dancing’ were simply covered by loud backing vocalists and the dancing proved to be simply moving one foot to the other. It’s not put ITV off, though...

The shy and retiring Lenny Henry is piloting a new sketch comedy show. ‘It’s Alive’ is being developed for a possible prime-time slot on a Saturday night. Insiders tell me that the show is looking for a home on ITV as the BBC are busy with Mel and Sue trying to revive the Generation Game.

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