Strictly’s Natalie ‘Rips it Up’ at the London Palladium in new show

Strictly’s Natalie ‘Rips it Up’ at the London Palladium in new show

Over to the world-famous London Palladium on a wet Saturday night to see Strictly Come Dancing’s multi-talented Natalie Lowe create a sensation on stage in her new touring dance show ‘Rip It Up’. 

With glamorous costumes, brilliant music and two SCD favourites in Louis Smith and Jay McGuiness, join her for what can only be described as an electric evening of fun, dance, and glitz. It’s on tour now and again next year. Book early at

Actor Kevin Bishop has revealed he almost turned down his role in the remake of TV series Porridge because he feared it would never work. “We all know and love Ronnie Barker in the role, and I knew no matter what we did, it would be a tough call,” he said. “But the fans have rallied behind it and I am grateful, but I wonder what Ronnie himself would have made of the new series?”

Sheridan Smith, who starred as Cilla Black and won a BAFTA for her performance, tells me she has still to decide what she will sing fully on a planned Christmas special. “I think ... well, I know, fans will expect a Cilla song and something from Funny Girl, but other than that I am open to suggestions,” she said.

Love Island winners Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies have been axed as guest presenters on Good Morning Britain after a dire stint in the late summer. Blasted by critics, TV bosses have decided “not to look at further options relating to them returning” ... axed then.

Barnum the musical is to play at the London Menier Chocolate Factory from December 5 to March 3. One of the stars of this new show is none other than Coronation Street’s Tupele Dorgu who played Kelly Crabtree on the cobbles. Go see her as she has an exceptional voice.

After his big BBC show ‘Let It Shine’ failed to connect with viewers and fans, Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Mark Owen have had meetings with producers about turning their new musical The Band into a Hollywood film. Gary tells me: “I think it has all the elements of a good film, and people do like a feel-good story with great songs, don’t they?”

Tina O’Brien, who plays Sarah in Coronation Street, admits she was overjoyed to be asked back to the soap after a few years away. She said: “It’s the perfect job really, as when you’re out of work you’re worried. In a soap you know you have work for a year, which is brilliant as an actress will tell you, I won’t be leaving again, that’s for sure.”

Former EastEnders actor Shane Richie tells me he has no idea if he will ever return to the soap as Alfie. “I thought we may go back but it’s turned in a different direction,” he said. “I suppose the good news is that we were not killed off, then there is no going back really is there?”

Actress Rula Lenska tells me that she has been asked to sign up to Strictly Come Dancing on more than one occasion, but deemed herself “too old” to have a go. “I am not that fit, and I know from friends that you have to be,” she said. “If we did slow dances that would be fine, but other than that it’s not for me, although I love the show.”

BBC Breakfast host Naga Munchetty tells me she gets attacked all the time on social media on issues from her dress sense to her interviewing, but battles it the best way possible by just ignoring them. “I think it’s all attention seeking, so why give them that?” she said.

Eamonn Holmes tells me that he was ‘let go’ from Who Do You Think You Are? He said: “Honestly Ann I have no idea why. I think they did a lot of research and all that, and then I heard nothing and that was seven years ago now. It could be that I am hiding a huge secret or that I am way too dull, either way I never heard back, so make of it what you will.”

Jack P Shepherd has just signed a contract that secures his place on Coronation Street through to the end of 2018, allegedly adding £20k extra to his annual salary. ITV, who are having to cut costs due to a downturn in advertising, claim that “this is not that accurate, but we welcome the PR. All our actors enjoy the correct salary.”

Now here is a secret that Graham Norton doesn’t reveal via his famous red chair. The show is produced by Jon Magnusson, son of Magnus, who of course was a presenter on many TV shows including Mastermind.

Thanks to the success of Doc Martin, actor Martin Clunes lives comfortably on a farm in Dorset. He tells me that he does not see himself moving away as: “The pace of life here is amazing, and you do see all the tensions when you come back to a big city. I think people love Doc Martin as he has the same style of life as me. It’s all so relaxing.”

Sir David Jason tells me that the stories about him having a bodyguard on set while filming in Doncaster recently for the new series of Open All Hours are: “Funny, we do have an assistant and yes, some fans want to get a bit close, but it’s because we’re filming in open streets and time is money. Nothing sinister and trust me, I am not demanding anything diva-like. Well maybe tea and biscuits, but that is all.”

Baywatch star David Hasselhoff tells me he would love a role in a UK TV drama. He said: “I do think people only see me in comedy roles and so forth, but I would love to do a Miss Marple or something similar, where I can prove I can offer more than just comedy.”

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