Ruth is trying her best to land that famous Glitter Ball

Ruth is trying her best to land that famous Glitter Ball

Ruth Langsford has waltzed her way onto Strictly Come Dancing, but her chances of winning the coveted Glitterball Trophy are not looking good, according to her. 

“I love the show and signed up, but then when you see and meet the competition, you do gulp and think ‘I have no chance’,” she said. “Honestly Ann, I think if I am not out first, that is all any of us want really, but I will do my best, as I want to learn, and think this could be an optional career you never know...”

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The Great British Bake-Off bosses ‘have had to hire comic scriptwriters for Noel Fielding  and Sandi Toksvig. They are supposed to be comedians in case you had no idea, but it appears that both needed help with voiceovers and ad-libs to the contestants. How frightening is that for Channel 4, who paid millions for them?

John Middleton, who played the vicar in Emmerdale, tells me he misses playing his role since he was killed off earlier this year. “I was with the show a long time and it’s very hard to just walk away after something for so long,” he said.

X Factor host Dermot O’Leary started out as runner for Mel and Sue, and admitted that he used to sign their publicity cards for them when they were too busy. Dermot giggled: “The girls won’t like me revealing this, but it’s true! That was part of my job!”

Countryfile host Matt Baker may have started out on a farm, but he thinks he has been spoiled too much by the glamour of TV to return to it properly. “It’s a hard life being a farmer, I do miss it – but once you’ve enjoyed the glamorous trappings of TV work, getting up at 5am to go milking is a very tough call!” he said.

EastEnders actor Danny Dyer tells me he was approached to appear to Strictly Come Dancing, but revealed: “I do enjoy the show, it’s a great watch, but I really could not commit to such a long stint. But who knows in the future? I am flattered they asked me.”

The BBC are planning a very special tribute to the late, great Sir Bruce Forsyth. A friend reveals: “We are planning something very special, with lots of Bruce’s former guest stars. Bruce was an integral part of our yearly Christmas schedule, and we plan to honour that.”

Sir Bruce Forsyth left gameshows behind for a while to star in a Thames TV sitcom in 1986 and 87. He played officious, overbearing supermarket manager Cecil Slinger in Slinger’s Day - a sequel to Tripper’s Day, which ended when its star Leonard Rossiter died in 1984.The full DVD is now out to buy for dedicated fans.

Fresh from her success on Master Chef, my spies tell me that S Club singer Rachel Stevens is being eyed with a view to a role in a soap. Insiders tell me that she would be perfect to bring in a more youthful audience. Despite the fact she is nearing 40 they believe that she would bring in younger ages who loved her in the 90s pop group.

Jenna Coleman who plays Victoria in the ITV drama Queen Victoria admits that she begins to feel regal once she is wearing the fake crown. “It’s a funny thing, but it sort of gives you a bit of power, and even the crew are more respectful when I’m wearing it,” she said.

TV breakfast queen Susanna Reid may not want to know that ratings remained the same over the summer break while she was away. A source at ITV tells me: “It proves that we don’t need to pay big money for so-called big names – people just enjoy the show.”

EastEnders have launched a ‘create your own cartoon show’ application online, which allows viewers to place characters in their own storylines. The problem is, viewers believe bosses are stealing their ideas from the site without paying for them! A source tells me the site has proved far more popular than envisaged, and many people are visiting.

Jo Brand had no qualms in running over to Channel 4 from the BBC to film ‘Extra Slice’, the spin off show from Bake Off. She admits: “I was just so glad they let me come over, because you never know in this job how long you’re in it for, but I am thrilled with the way the new version has been received. It’s going well so far.”

Emmerdale actress Lucy Pargeter has revealed that she will be returning to the Dales soon. Fans of the soap have been waiting for the return of Chas Dingle since Lucy left earlier this year to give birth to twins Betsy and Missy. She told me: “I love the show and know that fans want to know what she has been up to. It won’t be good though, knowing her, and yes I will be bringing my twins to work ... it’s perfect childcare there.”

Grantchester hunk James Norton may have lost out again on playing James Bond now that Daniel Craig has agreed to sign on again, but he laughs it off and says: “Well I am still young, and Sean Connery was in his 30s when he took on the role, so hopefully still plenty of time should they consider me.”

England cricket legend Freddie Flintoff was hoping to make a splash when he hosted a new adrenaline-fuelled game show on ITV called ‘Cannonball’. Based on holiday games from Ibiza resorts, the ITV team had high hopes for a fun Saturday evening. Sadly, though, people felt otherwise and it’s struggling in the ratings.

Pippa Middleton is closing PXM Enterprises, the company which managed her ‘publishing activities’, including her party-planning book Celebrate and her contributions to Waitrose magazine. In 2015 Pippa’s attempts to embark on a television career in America came to nothing. She was earmarked to become a special correspondent on NBC’s Today programme, but never made it onto the screen. A friend tells me: “It was a nice try, but basically we needed more than just a pretty face and so we let it go.”

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