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IT'S always tough being the parent of a famous child, but Tony and Jackie Adams, better known as the parents of global superstar Victoria Beckham, tell me they could not be more proud.

Jackie said: “She really has achieved her dreams and now in the fashion world it’s going great guns too, which we are both excited about.” Sipping drinks at the luxurious Hampshire Hotel in London, they teased about a possible Spice Girls reunion. Jackie added: “We love all the girls but again it’s all down to them, and let’s not forget, they are all mums now too, which makes it even harder to tour.”

A Happy Days return is “very possible”, according to series creator Garry Marshall. The 50s jukebox comedy was a huge success in the 70s and early 80s starring Henry Winkler and Ron Howard. It’s been more than 30 years since Happy Days aired its final episode, signing off after 11 series in 1984.

The BBC has cancelled its ‘embarrassing’ Wimbledon 2day highlights show after fans panned the set’s fake grass, bar and ‘awkward’ host Clare Balding. Bosses have decided to cut their losses and move forward with another more traditional idea, but essentially saving lots of money and no doubt earache from devoted tennis fans.

Gogglebox may be a show where people seem to comment on all things TV with great witty lines, but it appears that all is not what it seems, with many of the sofa ‘stars’ being given script direction, and ideas on what to say about the programmes shown. So not quite as off-the-cuff as it appears...

Russ Abbot is back with a 2016 reinvention of the sketch show, and a brand-new band of exciting live performers. The show is full of big memorable characters and some old friends. Russ told me: “I never thought it would happen, but it proves people want to see a return to good clean laughter, and I am over the moon at the offer.”

Tommy Cooper has been honoured with a blue plaque. English Heritage unveiled the dedication at his former home in Chiswick, West London. 51 Barrowgate Road was home to the comedian, his wife Gwen and their two children from 1955 until he collapsed on stage and died in 1984.

Emmerdale actress Samantha Giles has hinted that she may be looking to move on from the show in the future. The actress first appeared as Bernice Blackstock in 1998, returning in 2012 after nearly nine years away. She signed a new contract last November, allowing her to stay on the show for another year, and she tells me: “I became an actress to try other roles, and so who knows what the future holds?”

Just in case there is not enough Holly Willoughby on your TV, she is launching a book about how to help young mums. Holly insists she wrote the book herself and it’s based on “all the tips and tricks I have picked up from having three very young children”.

Coronation Street’s Catherine Tyldesley was serenaded on her wedding day by on-screen boyfriend Shayne Ward. Now soap fans are asking why he won’t release the track as a special download single. Shayne, who made a pop comeback last year, admits: “I am tempted but the final decision must remain with Catherine.”

Fern Britton claims she would like another go at hosting a teatime chat show, even after the flop of her own on Channel Four way back in 2011. She reveals: “I think there was too much hype around it at that time, and that was not a good thing. Maybe now people would give it a chance.”

Emma Willis has said she is “absolutely delighted” to be announced as the presenter of The Voice UK when it moves to ITV. Emma tells me: “I had no idea if I would be offered the job or not, but I do love the show and was thrilled when they did ask me. So yes, roll on The Voice.”

Jenna Coleman could be making an unexpected return to Doctor Who. Currently starring as Queen Victoria in a new ITV drama, she tells me: “I think it’s not quite done yet and there is a chance I may return, but I can’t say more than that at this stage. I know fans will be excited by this...”

Jonathan Ross’s long-running chat show will return in 2017. The decision comes as Ross’s contract with ITV is due to come to an end this year, and a source reveals: “He is proving less and less popular with every series and now ITV are thinking how low they can get him to sign for.” Not great news for Mr Ross, is it?

Motorists in the North West should look out for trouble on the roads as Peter Kay and Sian Gibson will be driving about in a new series of the BBC’s BAFTA-winning comedy Car Share in 2017. Peter tells me: “Who would have thought a comedy about two people sharing a car would become so popular, but it has. Amazing, really.”

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