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Patsy Kensit may have been a star of Emmerdale and Holby City, but she told me she could have been a star of US hit show Friends too. Patsy said: “I was offered the part of Ross’s girlfriend, but I had also just got married to Liam Gallagher and I decided on marriage instead of US TV fame. I don’t regret it at all, though.”

Coronation Street have clamped down on all mobile devices being taken onto the set while filming, as they are afraid of leaks from storylines. A source tells me: “The younger members of the cast feel it more, as they live on them, while the older actors simply accept it.”

Strictly Come Dancing stars Brendan Cole and Aliona Vilani have reportedly fallen out following a legal battle over a photo. Show bosses have them dancing together on the show, so one may have to leave ... talk about explosive stuff on the dancefloor!

Oscar-winning actress Glenda Jackson, who gave up her life as an actress to become a politician, is to return to show business after more than 20 years, playing Adéaïde Fouque in Emile Zola: Blood, Sex and Money on Radio Four. Glenda will feature in the adaptation alongside Robert Lindsay and recent BAFTA winner Georgina Campbell.

Britain’s Got Talent judge David Walliams has landed a deal to write a sitcom all about a fading TV talent show, but he insists it won’t feature any of the panel from the programme. “Of course I can’t say I was not inspired by many of the things I have seen in front or behind the camera, but I think we will have a lot of fun for sure,” he said.

Celebrity Big Brother may be looming, but don’t expect any huge fees on offer to the ‘stars’ who appear. Five, who make the show, tell me they are working to very strict budgets and this is simply a chance to re-jig many fading careers...

Emmerdale actor Dominic Brunt has spoken of how his acting career took off after joining a drama group. The 45-year-old, who has played Paddy Kirk since 1997, tells me: “I was working in a factory and I decided to go for acting full-time. Thankfully so far it’s paid off, but you never truly know what is happening.”

Pam St Clement, who played Pat Butcher in EastEnders, tells me she wonders if they may bring her back from the dead, like show bosses did with Kathy Beale. “When I heard that I thought ‘anything is possible’, and I would not be that against it,” she giggled.

Tina O’Brien, who plays Sarah in Coronation Street, tells me she has no idea how long she will remain in the show this time around. “I have signed on for a year so far, but honestly it all depends on what she gets given to do,” she said. “Right now it’s really exciting and I am just enjoying coming back to the show.”

If you see James Norton out and about, you might want to think twice before asking for an autograph, as he has admitted he likes to keep in character for the duration of any filming. The Grantchester actor adds: “I find it easier to be honest, so if I have offended any fans along the way I am sorry, but you know, I may just be lost in thought.”

The Voice presenter Emma Willis will host a new ITV series about modern medicine. ‘The Miracle’ is a factual series which will tell the inspirational stories of people whose lives are transformed by advances in medical science.

TV gardener Alan Titchmarsh has spoken of one day trading the green pastures for parliament, but admitted it’s a dream his wife is not fond of. Asked if he’d ever considered a career in politics, Titchmarsh replied: “Yes I have actually – could I help, if only from a common sense point of view?”

Emma Atkins, who plays Charity Dingle in Emmerdale, has made a swift return to the soap despite recently having a baby. She told friends: “I missed the show, but also if you’re off-camera for too long people forget, and then you get written out, so it’s good to be back filming.”

Danny-Boy Hatchard, who plays Lee Carter in EastEnders, tells me he is “embracing” his forthcoming depression storyline in the show as a challenge. This despite rival Coronation Street doing the exact storyline earlier this year with Steve McDonald, which left viewers depressed and switching off in droves.

Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson has no idea what is happening with his role as a judge on The Voice. “Now that Rita Ora has defected to X Factor, I think they may have a rethink on their panel, and just maybe it won’t include me,” he said. “I would like to return, though, as I love being on the show.”

Being on a reality TV show now does not always mean success. Take the case of 90s pop band Atomic Kitten, who appeared on the ITV2 show ‘The Big Reunion’. After the show, they had hoped to record a new album and go on tour – it goes to show that people will watch for nothing, but the planned tour was axed due to low ticket sales.

Andrea McLean has insisted that she won’t be the next Loose Women panellist to join Celebrity Big Brother. She told me: “I do get asked, but for me after appearing in Dancing on Ice it really was enough, and I want to have some time off in the summer this year.”

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