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Jose Mourinho, who managed Chelsea to the Premier League title this year, tells me: “I adore the job and unless something amazing happens I can’t see me going anywhere.”

I was lucky enough to celebrate with Jose and the team at a very special party, and he knows how to enjoy and celebrate ... my money is on them winning again next year already.

X Factor winner Sam Bailey has defended her recent show at a Mecca Bingo hall, adding: “That was one show, but the following week I appeared at the London Palladium with Engelbert too. So that is the diverse world of showbiz and you just go with the flow.”

They may not have won Eurovision, but UK hopefuls Electro Velvet say it’s been an unforgettable time for them. They told me that they already have a new single lined up, and that an album will follow too. “It’s not over for us just yet,” they insist.

Former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson has insisted he has ‘absolutely no idea’ what his future holds. “I have been offered all the reality TV shows and even panto, but it’s not quite me, although I am flattered to have any work offered,” he said. “Basically I just miss doing the show it became my life in many ways.”

Paula Tilbrook tells me about her fond final farewell to Emmerdale after 19 years of playing gossip Betty Eagleton. “It was so well done and I loved they storyline they gave her, plus it was a nice change for us oldies to feature and show that we can still have some fun,” she said. Betty and Paula will be very much missed in the Dales.

One-time business secretary Vince Cable is looking for a new job, and while he enjoyed a festive stint on Strictly Come Dancing a few years back, word reaches me that he would consider another return for a longer stint in the series too. I will keep you posted...

BBC One has announced the commission of a third series of Count Arthur Strong. The seven new episodes will be on TV in 2016. The Count is a former failed Variety turn who is always planning his big comeback. It began life on radio and moved to BBC Two, then promoted to BBC One last Christmas.

Doctors actor Ian Kelsey has explained his decision to leave the show, admitting that he won’t miss the gruelling schedule. “It’s one of the fastest in TV, and it’s quite something to fit all that work in all the time, but yes I shall miss quite a few of the people,” he said.

Graham Norton admits that not all the guests on his chat show work well. “We do send them tapes of the show, so they can see what they are getting into, but some just refuse to take part,” he said. “In the end it’s them that looks stupid and not mixing with others, after all it’s there for them to plug a product.”

Kevin Clifton, better known as Kevin from Grimsby on Strictly Come Dancing, has admitted that he’d quite like to be paired up with television presenter Judy Finnigan this year. “I think she would be great and also think she would have some secret steps that would keep people guessing,” he said. “I am not sure she would agree to the show though, but fingers crossed.”

Paul O’Grady says he loves doing his tea-time chat show on ITV, as: “It’s like having mates around for a cup of tea and a gossip. Honestly sometimes I forget that we are actually on air and get carried away with myself quite a bit, which I know annoys the producers.”

Emmerdale actor Joe Gill tells me that his character Finn Barton may need to watch his back with his unhinged mum Emma around. “She does get worse, it’s been great to play and we are having such good fun with it, but quite where it will end remains to be seen. I predict something big happening at Christmas,” he teased.

Coronation Street actress Sally Ann Matthews, who plays Jenny Bradley in the soap, tells me that the difference since returning to the show is “how fast paced it all is, you don’t rehearse as such, you just read through and they film and cut it there and then. Totally different on how it was when I first joined over 30 years ago.”

Emmerdale’s Michael Parr, who plays bad boy Ross tells me that he is thrilled that his wilder side is now coming out. “I used to get old ladies patting me on the head and all that, but now many tell me off which shows I am getting across just what a bad boy Ross really is,” he said.

Coronation Street fans are up in arms, telling the show’s producers via social media just how “rubbish” the soap is at present. Many feel the relentless storylines of drug dealers, underage pregnancy and endless fires and murders have sent the soap down in ratings, with many fans now wanting a change of direction.

Emmerdale actress Natalie Anderson has revealed that she plans to leave the soap when her contract ends later this year. Natalie has played the role of Alicia Metcalfe since 2010 and told me recently at an awards show that she would be very keen to sign up for Strictly, so remember, you read it here first...

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