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He has been a star for over 50 years and not aged a day, so what a thrill to spend the morning in a London TV studio with showbiz legend Basil Brush.

Basil is busier than ever, and let slip he is planning a move into music and movies. “While I am known as a cad Ann, who better than my foxy face on the big screen,” he said. Ah, who could not agree. Basil is on tour all over the country and details are at Book now, he is as fantastic as ever, this fox...

After the daytime success of repeats on BBC2 with Wogan and Hi De Hi, BBC bosses are now looking at repeating a great show that was filmed here in Yorkshire. – The Good Old Days. A source tells me many episodes have now been found and are being cleaned up, so fingers crossed the familiar cries of the music hall will be seen with great stars one more time….

Controversial celebrity columnist Katie Hopkins is developing a primetime chat show for female-skewed channel TLC. However, all is not quite going to plan, as the bookers of the show are struggling to find “celebrity guests” willing to appear, given that Katie has offended many in her outbursts.

Singer Kylie Minogue tells me she is looking for the right opportunity to return to acting return. She said many people “have no idea that I started out as an actress, but it’s something that I have always wanted to return to, and will do.” She added: “I am looking for a great role, and think period drama may just be the solution.”

Soap queen Joan Collins tells me she forgets she is now a Dame. “I know it’s odd, don’t you think, but it’s only when someone introduces you at something you remember and think ‘Oh me, oh yes I am’. It’s a thrilling award, and I am still in shock from it,” she said.

Ex-Downton Abbey actor Dan Stevens may have left the show two years ago for Hollywood, but now he tells me he would love to return for the final series. “I know it’s tough, as my character died, but maybe through a dream sequence or some idea like that. For sure I would like to return,” he said.

Jamie Oliver says, unlike Gordon Ramsey, he has no plans to have his children fronting a cooking show on TV. “Its each to their own, and all that, but for me I want them to enjoy their own things first, before they venture into the bigger, wider world of TV fame,” said the celebrity chef.

The late Bernie Nolan is winning new fans all over again thanks to repeats of The Bill on the Drama channel. A source tells me that many people sadly have no idea she has passed away, and ask for signed pictures. It just proves how popular she has remained...

Poldark star Aidan Turner has had to deny that his curly locks in the drama have been permed for the show. “I heard that one myself, but it’s all me, honest. And I think I have started a trend now again for longer hair ... the pirate look,” he laughed.

If you’re a fan of the wonderful gap-toothed comedian and actor Terry Thomas, look out later in the year for a special documentary on the life of the ‘cad’. A source tells me that “history may shock many as he was not posh at all, but totally invented the character to land more work”.

Paula Tilbrook says retiring from Emmerdale after 21 years playing Betty Eagleton is both the “happiest and saddest day of my life”. She added: “I love the show and the people, but I feel the time is now right. Let the youngsters have a go now. I think Betty though will be missed.”

As his teatime chat show returns to great ratings, Paul O’Grady tells me “I do now what pleases me really. I don’t worry about the ratings. After all, I have been axed many times and returned from the dead,” he laughed.

Coronation Street’s newest star Melanie Hill has admitted it is a tough call to be the first woman in Roy Cropper’s life since Hayley. “Oh yes, you have to be careful as the fans love Roy,” she said. “I have to make sure I keep them in mind, with my acting and character, I just hope they take to her really.”

Alesha Dixon will debut her new single on Britain’s Got Talent. The judge will perform ‘The Way We Are’ on the live shows in May. Despite her latest album not even reaching the charts, she admits it’s risky, but said: “I know I will always put my music first, and this is a big chance for me to show it off to a huge crowd.” Who said the show was about the contestants?

Sir Bruce Forsyth tells me he quit Strictly Come Dancing because “I was side-lined really”. He added: “I mean I was left out of a lot of meetings and such, so in the end the comedy element was left to me and when that was stopped I thought what is the point really, so that is why I decided to move on to to other things.”

June Brown, who plays Dot in EastEnders, has called for the show’s bosses to give some of the characters lighter comedy scripts. “I do think it needs to be mixed up...we all like a good laugh don’t we,” she said.

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