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If you enjoy great 60s singalong music and wonderful dance routines, then pop along to see ‘Jersey Boys’, which hits Bradford’s Alhambra Theatre on April 28 for a week. I was lucky enough to meet the West End cast members, who tell me: “It’s like a huge fun party every night. The tour is also amazing, so we’re looking forward to seeing all our Yorkshire fans.”

The new Dad’s Army movie is gearing up for release featuring Hollywood star Catherine Zeta Jones, and it was partly filmed in East Yorkshire. But the word on the set is not good, as a source tells me: “Let’s just say there are quite a few bits of editing to make it into what people really want to see.”

Emmerdale may have shown some pretty violent scenes on screen after 7pm recently, but ITV have been blasted for now filtering them when repeated on ITV2 over the weekends ... in an early morning slot when children could easily be watching.

Ricky Gervais is to resurrect The Office’s David Brent as part of a slate of BBC Films projects. The actor and comedian denies he returns to his hapless office boss character due to a lack of any new ideas, claiming: “The fans have demanded it, so I am now listening.”

David Suchet, who played Belgian sleuth Poirot for 24 years, tells me he misses playing him now more than ever.

“They do become part of your life and it really was a long time, but it’s wonderful that people remember him with such great affection,” he said.

Filming is underway in Cornwall on the seventh series of Doc Martin, with Martin Clunes reprising the role of the curmudgeonly GP Martin Ellingham and Caroline Catz as his estranged wife, Louisa. It’s due on air this autumn on ITV.

Coronation Street is welcoming back familiar face Tina O’Brien, and the actress wants to reassure fans that she plans to stay around for quite a while and won’t be dashing off so quickly. “I am a young mum, and so this job suits me perfectly,” she said. “I tried other things but now I really need a regular job.”

Original Batman TV actors Adam West and Burt Ward are all set to don their capes once again as they voice the heroes in an animated movie. They tell me: “We have been asked many times before, but this time the idea was too good to pass up, and of course as it’s a cartoon we still look kind of good on camera.”

Graham Norton admits he is not a snappy dresser when he’s off-camera. He said: “I think people are disappointed because the shiny suits and extra glitter are just part of the TV persona, but in reality I am always walking the dogs in boots and old overcoats.”

Dame Helen Mirren has admitted she sees the ‘abyss’ when she treads the boards and has to combat stage fright. “It’s different on TV as you get so many attempts but on stage you have no other chance and for me that is quite tough,” she said.

Jeremy Piven, who plays Mr Selfridge in the hit Sunday night drama, admits that people are shocked when they see him without his TV wig. “It’s a great match and yes I have grown rather attached to it. But no it’s not my real hair, the TV one is a lot thicker,” he laughed.

Great British Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood tells me he is a on a diet now that the show is over for a while. “I admit I have piled it on a bit, but then ask yourself if you’re surrounded by cakes and puddings all day, how easy would you find it to resist ... so yes it’s now time to move it,” he said.

Labour has started its election campaign by recruiting two big-name actors for its first party election broadcasts: The Hobbit’s Martin Freeman and Doctor Who’s David Tennant. Take note though, both are multi-millionaires and both have highly-paid jobs that pay far more than the ordinary voter...

Mr Bean actor Rowan Atkinson has defended his new TV ad for chocolate bar Snickers. “I love them, and so like Joan Collins figured this would be a great thing to do, so I can’t see what all the fuss is about,” he said.

Now appearing in Coronation Street as Michael, one-time game show host Les Dennis tells me that the repeats of his 90s hit Family Fortunes just remind him of “how much fun we had on the show. I really enjoyed it all, and you never really knew just what they were going to give as answers...”

Paul O’Grady has promised that we won’t be seeing him on Strictly Come Dancing any time soon. He confided: “I love the show I really do, but I hate the jibes that the judges feel they have to say , so for me I don’t think I could take that, it’s not easy being attacked on prime time TV is it?”

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini may apparently have left the X Factor, but is it now telling on her record sales? Insiders are worried about the lack of interest and radio play of her new single, while she claims she is more than happy to “take time out from the limelight”. She just may have to...

Hi De Hi is being repeated on weekdays on BBC Two to mega ratings, but star Su Pollard (Peggy) tells me that it could not be re-made now. “I don’t think it would take off in today’s climate, but at that time it was perfect – so well received and very funny to make also.”

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