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Nana Mouskouri is a singing legend who has sold over 300 million albums, and of course is famous for many things, including an appearance on Eurovision. She told me in an exclusive interview how she loves playing to her UK fans, as: “They have given me so much love and happiness. My welcome here is always astounding.” Nana is currently in the middle of her ‘Happy Birthday’ tour. For more details go to

Colin Firth says he’d love to head back to the small screen – if he was offered a meaty enough role. Colin, best known for his period drama roles, tells me: “I just don’t get offered roles on TV, but I see quite a lot. I adore things like New Tricks and well-crafted shows like that, so maybe one day they may just offer.”

Stars of Strictly Come Dancing have been told to expect fewer tickets for family and friends this year, due to demands. A source tells me: “It’s getting harder and harder for fans to get tickets, so we have to be extra tough this year.”

Former Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens could be the next James Bond. Insiders tell me that this next OO7 outing could be the last for Daniel Craig, as: “He is looking a tad old now, and film bosses are scouting around and really like the look of Dan.” It all depends of course on how well his new action movie ‘The Guest’ does at the box office…

The X Factor shed over a million viewers on its weekend opening, leaving bosses concerned just what will happen to the long-term ratings of the show. And the early reviews were not great too, with many claiming that the show focused way too much on Cheryl and her music rather than finding contestants...

Emmerdale’s Jason Merrells who plays Declan in the soap, tells me that while he enjoys filming in Yorkshire he does not enjoy the harsh winters. “Oh no, nothing prepares you for that, and every year it gets worse, but then I am getting on a bit now ... it could all be to do with that,” he laughed.

Peter Kay is reportedly working on a new Phoenix Nights project. A source ‘close to the star’ is saying that the comedian is in talks to perform seven live shows for Comic Relief in 2015, with the performances having a ‘Phoenix Nights theme’.

The Saturday night gymnastics show ‘Tumble’, hosted by Alex Jones, from The One Show is likely to be axed after just one series. A source tells me: “It was a good idea but the reality is the numbers of people watching have not been that good. We may just rest it.”

Fans of Strictly Come Dancing take note, as I can reveal the hit show will be back in Blackpool at the world-famous Tower Ballroom in November. A source tells me: “We plan to get there just before the season ends, as it’s the highlight for many of the stars appearing to dance on the famous tower floor.”

Stars in Their Eyes is coming back – and the show’s looking for contestants. If you think you sound like your favourite star, or like to do karaoke while out with friends, then the show needs you. It’s filming in Manchester later this year, if you want to apply check out

TV channel Gold has commissioned a 90-minute documentary film about Monty Python’s live stage shows, from 1971 to their recent reunion performances. John Cleese tells me that he is over the moon with the doc, as: “I want it to show that despite our combined ages we really all got on and, more so, enjoyed it too.”

EastEnders star Shona McGarty says she thinks Bianca Butcher was a bad influence on Whitney Dean’s fashion choices. “She has dreadful dress sense, but now maybe they will let her grow up a bit and move on, at least in the style stakes if nothing else,” she said.

Louis Walsh says he won’t ever be axed from X Factor while Simon is the boss. “I have no fear there, but it will stop one day and I know I will miss it, but because it’s given me a TV career and I am grateful for that. I love the show,” he said.

Strictly Come Dancing’s Bruno Tonioli tells me that each year the show gets tougher for the contestants. “I do feel sorry for them, because each year the contestants get better and better, which then of course makes it harder for the newcomers,” he said. “I can’t wait to see how it all pans out, but I have high hopes for Frankie from The Saturdays.”

Ever wondered where newsreader Huw Edwards gets his clothes for TV from? Well it used to be TM Lewin, a high-class tailor in London, but a spy tells me: “He has changed his look of late, and wants to get a far younger look, so you will see the difference soon on screen.”

Alesha Dixon has revealed how she hit rock bottom when she lost her solo record deal. She said: “That is why I think I am a good judge on the TV shows, because I have been there, had it all and lost it, so when I see them on Britain’s Got Talent I really do have some sympathy with what they are going through.”

Susanna Reid says appearing on breakfast TV with Good Morning Britain is a blessing, despite the early hours. “I get my hair and make-up applied for me, which then sets me up for the day,” she said. “It’s a free beauty spa, and believe me they do such a great job.”

Coronation Street’s Paula Lane, who plays Kylie, assures me that her character will get even more evil as the months roll on. “I think Kylie has been settled for a while, but deep down there is always a bad side to root out, and it’s coming out quite badly ... I think fans will love it,” she said.

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