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Don’t panic as I reveal how Jimmy Perry is super excited about the return of one of his many hit shows, Dad’s Army. He tells me: “It’s a thrill, I mean looking at it now, we still get great ratings all these years on and that is a good thing. I am happy it’s still being talked about, and who knows it could be a hit all over again.” Good luck...

David Walliams may be a judge on Britain’s Got Talent but he admits that he is not sure if he would appear himself. “I think many are very brave, when you think about it as it’s tough,” he said. “But then the showcase in which they appear is so good for them, and what exposure, eh?”

Former Coronation Street actress Michelle Keegan is launching her own clothing range with a high street store, which she says she helped design herself. A source reveals: “She is keen to expand her brand and this will include perfume, make-up and her dream job of being an L’Oreal hair girl...”

The much-hyped sitcom that was due to star Cilla Black and her pal Paul O’Grady for the BBC has been scrapped, I can reveal. Insiders tell me that while the pilot was well received, bosses have not given the go-ahead to make a full series and it’s been decided to not progress it any further.

Emmerdale actress Emma Atkins has said she is a big fan of her character Charity Sharma’s latest in a long line of wedding looks.” I think she has been married so many times so it always amazes me what they come up with, and this time I was pleased as it was classy.” A rare thing for Charity indeed...

Gary Lucy, last seen as a rogue landlord in EastEnders, tells me he can’t wait to get started on the tour of ‘The Full Monty’.

“The film is a huge icon and for us to do this every night, well, it’s just fun,” he said. “I know the ladies enjoy it, but it also has a tale for the guys too, that is just as important.”

The Vicar of Dibley star James Fleet reveals he would love another chance at his guest role on Coronation Street as villain Robbie Sloane. James starred in seven episodes of the soap back in 2010 and said: “I really enjoyed my time there, but as it was just a guest slot it had to end. But yes I would love to go back as someone else now for a bit longer.”

Danny Dyer, who plays Mick in EastEnders, tells me he has decided to embrace the world of soap. “I resisted for so long, but you know being in the show is good and I have enjoyed it so much, I don’t know why I did not agree to it all earlier. But when you’re young, you are stupid really, aren’t you?”

Simon Cowell has admitted that the X Factor musical was a huge mistake and that “lessons were learned”. He told me: “I think we should have started smaller rather than the huge Palladium, but we gave it our best shot, so really what else can you do?”

John Thomson, who played Jessie in Coronation Street, can now be seen as dad in a Warburtons bread commercial. He tells me: “I really enjoyed making it, and yes they do give you a bit of free bread after the shoot, it was a great fun day making the thing.”

Classic TV show Porridge, which starred the late great Ronnie Barker, could also be returning, not thanks to the BBC, but the original writers both agree it could happen. They tell me: “We see James Cordon in the Fletch role, and maybe Peter Kay in there too. We hope it will happen as we’re both up for it.”

The BBC has confirmed that Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman will be the new double act presenting Strictly Come Dancing, replacing Sir Bruce, but this decision has not gone down well with fans of the show, as many think Claudia’s style is “totally wrong”. But BBC bosses have snared a bargain also, as she won’t be paid even half of what Sir Bruce is on...

EastEnders’ young star Ben Hardy has revealed the lengths that EastEnders bosses are going to in order to keep the identity of Lucy Beale’s murderer a secret. “None of us know really, I mean we all get to film scenes and stuff, but truthfully as yet no-one knows who is staying on the show or not.” he laughed.

Michelle Collins (Stella in Coronation Street) will star in a new play from BAFTA nominee Martyn Hesford. The Glass Supper, will run at the intimate ‘Hampstead Downstairs’ space at London’s Hampstead Theatre from June 25.

Musicals star Gary Wilmot tells me that appearing on quiz show Pointless was far harder than it looks. He said: “I was flattered to be asked on, as I like a challenge, but you do get caught up in the moment, and really want to win. I came out with a good score in the end, and was very happy.”

Felicity Kendal says having her tattoos may have shocked many, but it was her own decision and she was happy with it. However you will note in a TV ad currently showing that her foot tattoo has been carefully airbrushed out...

X Factor judge Cheryl Cole is launching her own perfume called ‘Storm Flower’ later in the year.  She claims that she created the fragrance herself and is very proud of it, saying: “I think when it hits the shelves, I will be really excited by it all. Every girl wants to launch a perfume, don’t they?”

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