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RUSSELL WATSON is spearheading a new charity campaign to help wounded soldiers get adequate housing when returning from the battlefield. The 46-year-old tenor is lending his voice to a charity song which is raising funds. The ‘Home Ground Anthem’ is being released on March 31 and Russell tells me: “It’s a super cause and we should all do our best to support it.”

Kylie Minogue’s future on The Voice looks uncertain as she admits “my music takes priority”. But her label and the TV show are waiting to see just how well her comeback album does, and of course more so now that she wants to break into the US market. So will Kylie be back in the swivel chair?

Emmerdale’s Verity Rushworth, now back as Donna Windsor, tells me that she is only back on the soap for five months. “Keep this a secret Ann, but yes it’s five months and it can’t be longer than that, but it’s a good ending storyline-wise. Will I ever come back? I don’t see how she could to be honest, but it’s gripping.” You read it here first...

Did you know that former BBC newsreader Moria Stewart, now back on BBC Radio Two, is one of the highest-paid newscasters in the UK? The BBC won’t exactly reveal her purse-busting salary, but will say she is a “national treasure” and that she is well loved by so many fans.

Tickets for the new tour of Coronation Street’s former set have gone on sale. The ITV soap’s former base at Quay Street in Manchester city centre will open to the public as a visitor attraction in April. But fans are hoping for better success with this than the last ITV venture – the ill-fated ‘Street of Dreams’ musical...

Phillip Schofield is stunned that Dancing on Ice has been axed. Worse still, he claims that ITV have personally asked him to come up with a new Saturday night TV show, but the more worrying news is that of course, he will be planning to host it...

Jane McDonald is once again on tour with her show, but she trills that the door has been left open for her return to Loose Women, the show she departed for a second time earlier this year. ITV, though, are still saying: “We have refreshed the panel and for now there are no plans for her to return to the show in the future.”

We know that funny man Brian Conley is a talented man, but now it appears it runs in the family too, as his daughter is soon to pop up in a comedy drama for ITV based on the life of another funny man, Tommy Cooper. Brian tells me: “I am so pleased for her, and the fact he is one of my heroes too is wonderful.”

Emmerdale’s Bill Ward has revealed fans have been telling him to stay away from Moira Barton. The actor, best known for playing Charlie Stubbs in Coronation Street, told me: “You know it’s something of a mystery why they tell me that, I mean how bad can Moira be? She is only dating Cain Dingle...”

Karl Davies, whose best known as Robert Sugden in Emmerdale, will play a soldier scarred by battle in World War One in BBC One’s new drama series, The Crimson Field.

Graham Norton is to publish a new memoir, chronicling his life to date. He tells me: “I have had a good time and I think that it’s also time to share that with my fans and other people.” The new book by the BBC One and Radio Two presenter will be published later this year and comes a decade after his first autobiography.

Emma Bunton tells me that she and the rest of the Spice Girls would never take part in the Big Reunion show on ITV2. “I love watching it and all that, but truthfully it’s quite sad at times how the pop dream turned sour for so many of them,” she said.

One-time Blue Peter presenter Anthea Turner who recently appeared in the reality TV show ‘The Jump’ on Channel Four, is toying with the idea of releasing her own skincare range. “It’s early days as yet, but we’re in discussions, and I think it should be ready for later in the year. I am hopeful of success with it,” she said.

Last year’s X Factor winner Sam Bailey won the show and had hoped to meet her idol Beyonce, whom she was singing with as part of her prize. She reveals: “I was one of her opening acts in London, but no I never met her, and she did not ask to meet me which was a bit sad really, but I am sure it happens a lot.”

Susanna Reid has been crowned newsreader of the year at an awards event, soon after announcing her defection to ITV. But the actual award was for her stint on BBC Breakfast, with many of her old co-stars sat at a table in the venue. Ms Reid tells me: “I am over the moon with this, and who knows what it will be like this time next year?”

Former Neighbours star Natalie Imbruglia celebrated her 39th birthday last month, but many soap fans are slightly confused as the singer, who enjoyed a hit called ‘Torn’ in the 90s, seems to have shaved off a few years with many fans linking her to the age of 43. But just who are we to believe?

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