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Big Ballet is Channel Four’s new show in which ballet dancer Wayne Sleep teaches some plus-size people the rudiments of the famous Swan Lake.

Featuring Mirfield’s Carol Hartley and Emma Wilson from Liversedge, Wayne tells me that: “It’s a tough show for sure, but if they get through then they appear in my chorus when I perform at the St George’s Hall in Bradford towards the end of the show, so that is the bonus.”

Keith Duffy, best known for standing at the back in Boyzone, is hoping that he can land a return to Coronation Street as Ciaran after his stint in swimming show Splash. He tells me: “I do get asked about it quite a lot, and I would be up for that but the storyline would have to be right. Something has to go wrong with his best pal Peter Barlow, you know...”

Ant & Dec tell me they would still like a go at taking on US TV. I heard: “We are hoping that some US producers will come and see our Takeaway shows live this summer, and pick up on just how well we react to a live audience, and then maybe they will get it.”

BBC children’s presenters have reportedly been told to alter their dress code, before going on air. CBBC executive editor Melissa Harding revealed that some presenters were told to wipe off red lipstick and change clothes in order to stop them looking “too sexy”. Also they are banned from any visible displays of personal tattoos in a bid to clean up the image of the children’s TV presenter.

Les Dennis started filming at Coronation Street last week and is also currently touring with the Peter James play The Perfect Murder. Les tells me: “I am in awe of the cast, they are all great fun and I am hoping that this will be for a long stay ... it’s a dream come true.”

Eternal have revealed that former member Louise Redknapp is supporting their comeback. The 1990s girl group will take part in the second series of The Big Reunion on ITV2 later this year, however she has rejected an offer to be filmed talking about her time in the pop group by claiming she is way too busy.

Scott Maslen has revealed that he is ‘homesick’ for EastEnders – and it’s not just because of the regular pay cheque. “I enjoyed playing Jack, but as an actor I needed to take a risk and this was the biggest one, as I am just a jobbing actor now and looking for work,” he laughed.

Strictly Come Dancing champion Abbey Clancy apparently has another aim in mind – to lose her strong Liverpool accent in a bid to further her TV career. She told me over coffee on the East Coast Train from Leeds to London: “I am proud of it, but unlike Cilla mine is hard to understand when I get excited, and I have been offered loads more stuff since winning the show so it makes sense really...”

The plan to launch a children’s version of Britain’s Got Talent is now on hold to see if the show can still do well by using all age groups. A source at ITV tells me: “It was a serious idea a while back, but now we are quite happy with the way things are.”

Sir David Jason is over the moon that the BBC have finally seen sense and decided to go ahead with a new series of ‘Still Open All Hours’ after the ratings success of the Christmas episode. Sir David tells me: “Honestly I could not be happier at the news. The show was such great fun to make.”

Blasted for her dance training prior to appearing on Strictly Come Dancing, TV presenter Denise Van Outen may find her stint at a Yorkshire theatre less welcoming. The actress decided to ditch her press duties, claiming “there is not enough time to fit it all in”. Suddenly it appears there are still plenty of seats left at the theatre where her self-penned show is playing … but not to full houses.

The Hotel Inspector Alex Polizzi tells me that her job means she scrutinises everything when she checks in a hotel. She said: “I do honestly, but the worst thing is having cheap bread at breakfast for toast. I mean you would do that at home? So why pay for it darling?” She has a point...

This Morning host Holly Willoughby blames her excessive smoking on fellow presenter Phillip Schofield. “He is a terrible influence in that area and we have both tried and failed to stop so far, but I have more will power than he does in that area,” she confides.

June Brown, who plays Dot on EastEnders has been a clear winner in the book sales with her debut book ‘From The Year Dot’ which focuses on her early life. She tells me: “I am so happy it sold so well. Who would have thought anyone would have been that interested in me?”

Samia Ghadie, who plays Maria in Coronation Street, tells me that although she has been in the show over 10 years “I feel as an actress, I am just getting started. “What she has been through is amazing, and I don’t want to leave at all ... I could stay on the soap forever if I got the chance.”

Lee Mack and Catherine Tate have signed up to star in a BBC remake of US sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond. The British version will be called The Smiths and set in Cheshire. Lee tells me: “It’s got a proven track record and we hope will repeat the success here.”

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