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Last seen heading off to London, as in all good soap storylines, it appears that Donna Windsor is now heading back to the Dales. Emmerdale actress Verity Rushworth tells me: “She is not back in a good way, remember? She is back because Marlon now wants a divorce, so expect lots of fireworks in the offing.”

Mrs Brown’s Boys won’t be back this year as the team behind it are preparing a big-screen version and a tour across the UK. A source reveals: “The creators don’t want overload with the character, and so it’s a good time to rest it.”

BBC quiz show host Nick Knowles has been receiving many complaints of late – not about his skills reading an autocue, but his new warmer-coloured hair tones. Sources tell me: “He seems to have overdone the new hair colour and it reflects badly under the lights...”

Celebrity Big Brother has done wonders for comedian Jim Davidson, who has now been made an offer to appear on the Life Stories ‘chat show’ with Piers Morgan. A source tells me: “People are warming to him yet again.”

Sue Perkins, who pops up on every panel show going, blames ‘hype’ on why her own sitcom failed last year. “There was huge hype about it, and it was a no-win situation really.” Ah, but was it funny Sue?

Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood has a new rival – his wife Alex, who has been given a slot on Daybreak as the new cook. She is also planning her own book, but denies his fame is a helping factor. “I was always planning this, but it’s suddenly taking off,” she giggled.

Jo Brand is a judge on the new series of Splash and now pops up as a judge on Celebrity Bake Off, yet admits that she is useless at both activities. “I was asked to be on Splash and I figured it would be a nice job, so I said yes, and on Bake Off they offered me cake, too,” she laughed.

Susanna Reid has denied a rift with fellow contestant Fiona Fullerton on the Strictly Come Dancing tour. “I have no idea where it came from, and it’s sad as we are all a tight team, but I won’t get involved in all that back-biting, it’s not me,” she said.

Don’t think you have seen the last of Tina in Coronation Street. Actress Michelle Keegan is now on holiday, but will be back to be ‘killed off’ finally in the spring, and she reveals: “It’s not nice what is going to happen to her, but it’s a great storyline for sure.”

Fans are in uproar over the low-key departure of Michelle Collins, who plays Stella in Coronation Street. Insiders say that while they hyped up her arrival, now she is leaving it’s all been done with no fuss. Michelle, though, is just thrilled she was not killed off...

It may be over 40 years old, but BBC bosses think that a remake of the classic Dad’s Army may just be a good idea. The show still picks up over two million viewers each time its’ shown on a Saturday night, and they think recasting and making a one-off Christmas  special could be a big hit for them.

Soap actress Kym Marsh who is once again newly single, admits she agrees to appear on shows like The Cube as: “I am now a single mum, and I have to bring in my own money ... plus it’s a night out also...”

Matthew Wright endured eating all sorts in the jungle to gain a bit of fame and glory, but it’s seen his little-watched Channel Five show take a turn for the worse audience-wise. “We had more viewers when he was off in the jungle,” a source sniffed.

Extra slim This Morning host Philip Schofield reveals he smokes over 20 cigarettes per day, but it also keeps his weight down. A friend reveals: “He knows if he puts on weight, he will be off the show, he equates this look with youth and being trendy.”

Don’t be shocked by the news that a free vote may now be considered for the next series of X Factor. It’s simple – the phone voting has been in decline for years and costs far more to set up than the people now actually calling in.

John Middleton, who plays Ashley in Emmerdale, says that he is glad he is now back with church storylines. “I enjoyed him going off the rails a bit, but for me, this is his natural home, and there are some exciting things happening for him too,” he said.

Axed The Voice judge Jessie J claims she has been too busy to see the show since it returned, but admits: “I do miss the show and I had a great time on there, I just hope the people stay with it this time around, I know people miss me on it as they tell me all the time.”

Coronation Street’s new recruit Hayley Tamaddon looks set to become a permanent face in Weatherfield after impressing show bosses in her role as Andrea Beckett. The former Emmerdale actress is being given a new six-month deal with the ITV soap after her early scenes proved popular.

It appears all the bad press with family fall-outs, slow-selling albums and neighbour disputes is having an effect on one-time talent show runner-up Susan Boyle. Her first big tour is far from a sell-out and producers are very concerned as “we expected it to go a lot bigger”.

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