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You may have heard about the new Harry Hill musical based on the X Factor opening at the Palladium next spring. Well, I can reveal they now hope to perform a segment of the show in the X Factor final next week. Harry told a source: “I think it’s a great idea, and I know that fans will lap it up.”

We’ve often seen pictures of Cilla Black and Simon Cowell on the beach in Barbados for many years, as they both have homes there. Now, though, those cosy chats have paid off as Cilla’s youngest son Ben works on the X Factor, looking after all the music they play on the show. See, it pays to have friends in high places...

Check out Matt Smith’s hair in the Christmas special of Doctor Who – the actor had already cut his hair for his next role, so they made a wig for him, and he told me: “As I left the show I was also able to keep the wig, which I am very happy about.”

Gary Barlow may be leaving the X Factor after this series – but is his next venture a Take That musical? He tells me: “I would like to do it, after all I know the story better than anyone else and I like the idea of our story as a musical. It should be a hit, right?”

Michelle Keegan, who plays Tina in Coronation Street, reveals she fully expects to be unemployed for a while when she leaves the show. “I will have to take what is on offer and yes it’s a worry, but that is the life of an actor, this is what I chose to do,” she said.

Strictly Come Dancing may have had a bumper year ratings-wise, but Sir Bruce Forsyth tells me: “In the last few weeks it gets tougher for the people left, as they have to learn two dances per show, which is not easy at all. But I have my eye on a winner already...”

In 1962 ITV launched their first-ever spy series, just as James Bond was about to take off at the movies. Called ‘Top Secret’, it starred the actor William Franklyn and now fans can buy it on DVD for the very first time.

EastEnders actress Kierston Wareing has revealed that she will not be too emotional when she leaves the show. Kierston, who plays Kirsty Branning, said: “I did enjoy it at the start, but with the storylines not being totally honest it was hard to believe, even for me playing the role.”

This Morning are hoping to pick up some younger viewers when Phillip Schofield takes leave of the show for a week while he films yet another series of his quiz ‘The Cube’. Dermot O’Leary, yet another recluse on our screens, has agreed to fill in for him while he is away, and TV bosses think he will bring in plenty of younger viewers. Watch out Phil...

It appears that the ITV comedy drama ‘Pat & Cabbage’, which aired during the summer months, will not be returning for a second series, even though it was well received by the critics. Sources tell me: “It just did not take off with the viewers and we need viewers more than critics.”

If you’re a fan of the comedy Citizen Khan, you will be pleased to know that it will be coming back for a third series next year. Its creator Adil Ray tells me: “I would love to see it made into a movie too at some stage, but I am thrilled that so many people seem to enjoy him.”

Dancing on Ice duo Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean have said that the ITV  show could return in the future, despite coming to an end next year ... so are we all happy now?

X Factor Judge Louis Walsh may have put together the boy band Boyzone, who starred in a recent ITV special, but it appears his rift with the boys goes on, and he did not attend the filming. He told friends that he is still at war with lead singer Ronan, who he calls “a

wedding singer”. Nice...

EastEnders character Shabnam Masood is set to return to the soap and will bring with her a terrible secret – but don’t look too closely at the actress playing her. She has changed from the last time around, as the soaps tend to do every now and then...

Simon Cowell tells me that he loathes moaning pop stars who attack well-off people. “Let’s not forget it’s a great life when you’re up there and earning a lot of money, so what is there really to moan about? I say shut up and get on with it,” he laughs.

Peter Gunn, who plays Brian in Coronation Street, tells me that while he is sad to leave the show, he knew it was the right time. He said: “I like new challenges and all that, plus I have adored my time on the show, its been the best fun, but I have some great stuff lined up.”

June Brown who plays Dot in Eastenders reveals she is already looking at writing part two of her book, after the success of her first which topped the best seller charts. “I am amazed at the success, and so pleased too, I never thought it would sell,” she laughed.

It appears that Peter Andre and his quest to improve 60 Minute Makeover has failed to ignite the ratings. A source tells me: “It appears that Peter thinks it’s a vehicle for his own talents, but it’s more about the makeovers, hence the ratings have gone down dramatically.”

Lacey Turner denies returning to EastEnders after three years due to a lack of other work being offered. “I would have liked some stuff that I did audition for, but the thing is work is tight out there, and you know you have to take the opportunities that are on offer.” We get the drift...

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