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Expect to see a lot more 80s stars trying for a comeback on the next series of The Voice, like they did with Jay from Bucks Fizz, and Denise from Five Star. Show bosses think that this wave of nostalgia will help shore up ratings yet again, when the series comes back later in the year.

SCD may be back next month, but it’s in a new home rather than at BBC TV centre, which closed in March of this year. The famous Elstree Studios will host the show for the first time on the George Lucas stage, which of course is where the original Star Wars movies were made.

Paul O’Grady shot back to the BBC recently to host a documentary on the working classes but he would still like to revive his ill-received sitcom Eyes Down, set in a bingo hall, which aired over 10 years ago. “It was fun and needed some work, but I love that type of old fashioned comedy,” he said.

Dancing on Ice may be spared from the chop, following reports that producers are considering changing their mind. A source tells me: “They think it may work with one-off specials and maybe a themed event...all is not quite lost at this stage, so its fingers crossed really.”

Jane McDonald denied that she has spurned the recent wedding of fellow Loose Women star Denise Welch by not appearing, but claimed “I had to film my new daytime TV show at the last minute, so there was no option really. She understands, as of course it’s the same with her, but we’ll get together when she returns.”

Richard & Judy may have been a regular fixture on our screens many years ago, but the duo have no plans to reunite or return on a regular basis. “We have done that, and moved on, but it’s flattering to know that people still miss us all the same,” said RIchard.

TV presenter Anne Robinson could see her £1m BBC salary slashed by half as the corporation continues  to cut costs. The 68-year-old host of The Weakest Link and Watchdog signed the deal two years ago, but is due to meet bosses in the next few weeks for some renegotiations.

Cheryl Cole has reportedly been ruled out as a possible replacement for Jessie J on The Voice, due to her previous association with The X Factor. The Girls Aloud singer had been tipped as a potential candidate to fill the spot left by Jessie.

With the ratings diving faster each week, I Love My Country host Gabby Logan decided what was needed was her coming out dancing at the start of the show. She trilled: “I was on SCD you know!’ We do, and Gabby, bless, was knocked out after week three.

Actress Minnie Driver tells me that appearing on the show ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ was great fun “and you know, they do all the research and you really get to know all about your family  ...I was really intrigued by them all.”

Actor Rupert Penhry Jones worries that fans will be fed up with him on screen due to the endless repeats of his shows Whitechapel and Silk. “I think when I do come back with something new they must groan, oh not him yet again.” But is that the case girls?

The Bill is back this time on the repeat channel, Drama. The show was axed in 2008 for only getting five million viewers, but now it would be a stellar success. Drama say they have bought over two hundred episodes for fans.

Murder She Wrote is a great repeat favourite, but did you know that the star of the show, Angela Lansbury, would not allow Hollywood legend Tony Curtis a guest spot? He revealed in his tell- all book: “I don’t know why, it must be something I did years previously, but I was never allowed on the show.”

X Factor is gearing up for a return, but last year’s winner James Arthur – remember him? – says he won’t be forgotten like so many on the show. “I do think it’s down to the material and how you’re managed, and I have the best team around me. So it’s all good.”

Bake-Off cook Paul Hollywood admits that fame went to his head, when he tried and failed to make a go of the show in the US. CBS bosses have decided not to make another series, despite his hopes. He reveals “I just thought it may have taken off, but they have different styles over there basically, and it doesn’t look like we will be back.”

Simon Cowell may be about to become a father, but he tells me that “I would never push my children into showbiz...I have seen it too many times, and a lot of the time it’s not about the children actually wanting to do it.”

Amanda Holden is threatening to release her own tell- all book next month, she reveals. “I have held nothing back, as I believe that you should be truthful when doing this sort of thing and, yes, there are many surprises in it, but I just hope that it sells. That is the bottom line really.”

Did you know that Eastenders have a gym built for the stars, so they look good on camera?

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