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Pete Waterman is the man that gave us hundreds of hits from Kylie, Jason and Donna Summer, to name a few. Now he is planning to reveal all in a chat on ITV’s Life Stories series. Pete tells me: “They always try to get you to cry, but it’s not my style.”

The Voice is looking for a new judge or two, after Jessie and Danny quit the show. Insiders tell me that one of the judges could come from a musical theatre background as “we are seeing more and more talent from that genre.”

Times are tight in the TV world right now. Take the arrival of the revamped hit  Through The Keyhole, this time hosted by the ‘comedian’ Keith Lemon.

Insiders tell me the guests will range from favourite TV stars to more face familiar reality guests ... meaning cheap, basically.

Emmerdale fans’ forums have cited their reasons for the show losing millions of viewers – the down-market approach of the storylines. Drugs, murders and ‘chav’ families infiltrating the village, making it like EastEnders in the Dales, are the main concerns. Will producers listen though?

Coronation Street actor David Nelson, who plays Roy Cropper, laughs when he tells me: “I think people are disappointed that I am nothing like Roy at all. I like a good laugh and take nothing seriously, whereas he is, well, Roy, but I know he is loved by the public.”

The recent TV BBC 4 drama ‘Burton And Taylor’ made Helena Bonham Carter laugh. She tells me: “Elizabeth was known for her jewels, but this being a tight budget we all had fakes, and yet people could not tell the difference, which is worrying in itself...”

Coronation Street actors have started their own on-set choir, I can reveal, and in more alarming news threaten to unveil their vocal talents at this year’s Children In Need show. A source tells me: “There is so much bad press with the show right now, this seemed a good idea.”

While Loose Women plummets in the ratings, Miss Carol McGiffin has signed up to appear in this year’s Celebrity Big Brother. A source reveals: “It’s an easy job and the money is alright, but she is not our main booking, we are looking at an A-lister for that...”

Jonathan Ross has signed a new deal with ITV to present his chat show until the end of next year. The 52-year-old presenter will front a 10-programme series later this year, and two more series of the Saturday show in 2014.

Holly Willoughby says she never understands the fuss over her dresses and wishes more people would focus on what a great job she does with live TV. “I think all the time. is this there is all to talk about – my look? There is more to me than that, you know...”

England footballer Steven Gerard has managed to land his young daughter a non-speaking role in Coronation Street after they all visited the set. A source reveals: “She loved it so much we decided to offer her a small role and she was thrilled.”

Kenneth Branagh has revealed that he is a major fan of Doctor Who. The BAFTA winner was asked during a panel chat if he would ever consider playing The Doctor’s arch-enemy The Master. “I am a long-time hide-behind-the-sofa Doctor-Who-in-the 1960s fan,” Branagh joked. “If it was offered I would jump at the chance.”

Desperate Housewives actress Teri Hatcher is reportedly being lined up for the next series of Strictly Come Dancing. The Hollywood actress, who played Susan Delfino in the long-running show, is said to have been contacted with regard to appearing. The BBC is apparently prepared to pay big money to secure her services.

Emma Bunton has been signed up as a semi-regular on This Morning for the summer while Philip Schofield does a rare thing and has a break from a TV camera. But insiders tell me that Emma will also be back in a more permanent role when the new series starts this September.

Comedian and ex soap star Bobby Davro says he does not think he will be returning to EastEnders as Vince Monks. “I am not sure where he would fit in now,: he said, “but I have fond memories of the show.”

Downton Abbey actress Lesley Nicol may play the most famous Edwardian cook on TV right now, but did you know the actress was also in the infamous Tetley Tea ads with US star Kim Catterall a few years back? “Funnily enough I still get asked about them lots of times when I go back to the US,” she said. “They really took off over there.”

X Factor judge Gary Barlow admits that shutting his own record label proves how hard it is for the industry at the moment. “I think it’s tough, and that is why this show at least gives you a platform to start with,” he said. “What you do after the show is really up to you, but for now it’s your stage, as they say.”

Could this be the last series of the US X Factor? The man that signed the show for Fox TV in the US has quit, and insiders predict without his support and even more flagging ratings, things are not looking too great for this once well-watched TV show.

Hair-swishing Neil Oliver from BBC show Coast says he gets offered all the reality TV shows every year, but admits: “I am quite shy off-camera, doing what I do, so for me it would be a no, but I always do enjoy watching them.”

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