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It appears that despite all the new attractions in Blackpool the BBC have decided not to bring the yearly final of SCD back to the Blackpool Tower this coming festive season, a source reveals. “It’s simply too expensive, with travel and accommodations etc, but who knows we may be back in the future...”



Bernie Clifton of the Ostrich fame is once again starring at the North Pier with his summer show, but stopped laughing when he received a parking ticket while in the town. “I could not believe it, but my fans gave me some fun about it while on stage, so it helped the show in a way,” he laughed.



Katherine Jenkins, who appeared in the US version of SCD reveals it’s the most demanding thing she has ever done. “I think it was wonderful in so many ways, but then once that music started there was no turning back on it really ... I would recommend it though.”




Ian Puleston Davis who plays Owen in Coronation Street tells me he hopes to get bigger storylines in the future. “I think there is a lot of scope with Owen and fans keep asking me for more, but it’s up to the writers not me...”




Soap fans remain unimpressed with the producer of Emmerdale, Stuart Blackburn, who they claim has ruined the show with depressing storylines such as splits and robberies, a source revealed. “It’s not fun anymore and really it’s reflected in the ratings, they are way down...”



John Middleton who plays Rev Ashley in Emmerdale says he misses now being married on screen to Laurel. “I did kind of hope they would allow them to get back together, but it’s not looking like it’s going to happen now, which is sad...”



Lewis the TV drama is set to go on for another series after the latest one airs I can reveal. Plus if you’re a fan of Inspector Morse look out for a new drama focusing on the early years of his life in Oxford ...

Actor Patrick Stewart is hopeful of a role in Yorkshire drama Emmerdale I can reveal – while no formal offer has been made, he told a source that he is a fan of the show and thinks an offer would be “delightful”.



No news yet on the dire Coronation Street musical  Street of Dreams  which was axed after just a few shows whenit  opened in April with Paul O Grady. Bosses at ITV have ‘no idea’ if it will ever return now ...



Steve Helliwell who plays Zak Dingle in Emmerdale says he would play the role forever now as “my acting ambitions have been achieved really. This is a diverse role and at my age as good as it gets, but who knows what the future

holds ...”



Upstairs Downstairs may be repeated daily on ITV3 but regularly pulls in more audiences than are watching ITV1 – a source tells me “it’s a classic drama but we have no plans to switch over to ITV1 just yet...”



The Saint is repeated daily on ITV4 but star Roger Moore tells me that when making the show the exotic locations never left anywhere but Elstree studios in London. “We simply did not have the budgets, so it was all very well lit with some great camera angles, but we pulled it off I think.”



Letitia Dean who returns as Sharon Watts yet again in Eastenders says she is loathing the cruel cameras of HD. “It’s awful, I mean who needs to see such horrors on their screen, but I am told it’s the future which is odd. But maybe there is a career in horror for me later,” she laughed.

Dr Who is 50 next year so the BBC is planning to go all out with celebrations with a drama and documentary, featuring all the living Doctors...



Gold medalist Rebecca Adlington is keen to land a stint on this year’s SCD. “I love the show and all my family sit around to watch it so who knows if they offered me something, I would find it hard to say no,” she giggled.




I’m A Celebrity may be back but insiders tell me that the so called ‘stars’ cannot look forward to a huge salary as in the past. “It’s up to the stars what they make from the show once they have been on, we are hopeful of a good mix and some exciting debate from the show...”



Like so many people Peter Andre says he never watches reality TV shows – of course unless it’s his own. “I think mine is fun but I don’t really watch that much TV to be honest and have never seen most of the shows people talk about.” Fancy!



TV pundit Fearne Cotton has announced she is expecting her first child later this year, but in a note to fans says she won’t be taking that much time off from her TV work as “It’s not a big thing really is it, I can still keep working!”



Dom Brunt who plays Paddy in Emmerdale says that his character is all set to get a lot darker in the show. “I think it’s fun to show another side to him and I am not sure just how it turns out, but it proves that there is more to Paddy than maybe first people thought...”



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