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I caught up with the lovely former Emmerdale actress Verity Rushworth, who is at the Leeds Grand Theatre in The Sound Of Music alongside Jason Donovan. Verity tells me: “I did dream of playing Maria as a child and now it’s come true. I love the show and all the songs.” Catch Verity in the show right now...

It looks like the hype over Michelle Collins joining Coronation Street as Stella was not as great a success as the show’s bosses hoped. It pulled in just over eight million viewers, way down on previous new arrivals on the street...

Kerry Katona has been “let go” less than a year into her contract with her agency. They won’t give the reason why ... oh dear ...

Peter Andre is now moving into the world of kids books too. He reveals: “They are based on stories that I have made up while getting my kids off to sleep.”

Problems are afoot over at the littlewatched ‘Daybreak’ show. A source reveals: “Ratings are down more than ever, and let’s just say over the summer break and when the show comes back in September there will be plenty of changes...”

The Apprentice’s Karen Brady is proving so popular that BBC bosses are toying with the idea of a spinoff show, this time with just her hosting and focusing more on the ladies. I heard: “It appears that they have the better business ideas...”

Sad news to report over the recent passing of Top Of The Pops legend Flick Colby, who helped create the likes of Pan’s People, Ruby Flipper and Legs and Co. Flick also appeared on big shows of the time like Benny Hill and the Two Ronnies, and the BBC are planning a tribute within weeks.

Sir Bruce Forsyth is secure yet again on Strictly Come Dancing now that he has received the huge honour from HM the Queen. Bruce, who has been a star for over six decades now, tells me: “I can’t quite believe it, I mean it’s so unexpected but a huge thrill all the same.”

Torchwood star John Barrowman gives his most revealing interview ever in the brandnew DVD ‘West End Stars In Conversation’. It’s available now from

Dermot O’Leary, back with yet another ‘quiz’ called The Marriage Ref, is still touchy about being dropped from the US version of X Factor. He told a source: “I thought I may have had a chance, but how wrong was I...”

Dr Who suffered in the ratings in the last series, but expect it to be stripped back bare when it returns. It’s all down to budget cuts and silly storylines, and a source at BBC tells me: “I think we are back on track now, but core fans did love the more outlandish storylines.”

Will we see Coronation Street actress Helen Flanagan in a wig when she returns to the show as Rosie Webster? Insiders tell me that Helen, who now sports a blonde look, has been told to grow back her hair or face wearing a wig...

Music star Adele could be popping up in Oz soap Neighbours, I can reveal. Best known for her ballads, the singer has caught the eye of the show’s producers and they would love a cameo should she be in Australia as part of her world tour.

Anne Widdecombe may have been a delight for free on Strictly Come Dancing, but can she pull in the crowds at the box office in panto? Insiders claim that bookings for the former MP are slow at the moment but they are hopeful things will pick up when she plays the fairy this Christmas.

News reports that Katie Price’s new show, in which she goes in search of a new modelling star, has been a failure are wide of the mark. Katie reveals: “We have had thousands of girls turn up at the castings and I think people just have a pop at me because they can. But hey, it’s their loss...”

Danny Miller, who plays Aaron in Emmerdale, wants to make a move into comedy. “I am quite good at impressions and I am also writing my own comedy script based on two young lads on a farm,” he said. “You never know, it may just take off.”

How do you fancy an Audience With Barry Manilow? It’s just been recorded in London, but Barry was stunned at the lack of publicity when he popped over a month ago. He’s now looking around for a better PR company in the UK – might send him my number!

Michelle Collins is now starring in Coronation Street but it’s mostly her accent that is getting the attention for all the wrong reasons. A source reveals: “They wanted her to play a northern character, when she is clearly better suited to playing a southern one.” Oh dear...

Eastenders actress June Brown tells me that the show keeps her young. She said: “Oh yes, all the young actors come to me on the show and tell me all their problems, plus I am kept on my feet all day running around.
“I love it like that, I would hate to have to retire and Dot is something of an icon now.”

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