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Current Edition: | Saturday 29th April 2017

Current Edition: | Sat 29th Apr 17

Lifting the lid on over 20 years of Cultural Revolution

book 267x360 Lifting the lid on over 20 years of Cultural RevolutionISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF DEWSBURY – REQUIEM
By Danny Lockwood

pixel Lifting the lid on over 20 years of Cultural Revolution

Saturday June 24th, 1989, the day an immigrant Muslim community found its voice and flexed its muscles. The day that attitudes and relationships between two communities changed forever in the West Yorkshire town of Dewsbury. Publisher and journalist Danny Lockwood has chronicled the social upheaval that has redrawn his birthplace, now irrevocably divided by the ambitions of one community and suspicions of another.
“Dewsbury had more challenges than most, even before it emerged that we had some of the UK’s most notorious terrorists in our midst,” says the author. “White and Muslim communities alike have been failed by politicians, police and the liberal zealots of local government. Democracy is regularly disgraced, crime and corruption thrives because of who perpetrates it, and anyone who challenges the fact is demonised as racist. It’s resulted in the creation of an effective caliphate, self-governing and policing, beyond criticism and to a large extent, beyond control.
“White flight and what amounts to ethnic cleansing has pushed the indigenous population to the district’s margins and what remains would be unrecognisable to my forefathers. Dewsbury is under new ownership.”